Content Management Systems: Three options for publishing and managing your site's content New Target has expertise with three different Content Management Systems (CMS), offering varying levels of functionality and scalability. Our solutions cover a range of technologies - Microsoft's .NET, open source PHP, and Adobe's ColdFusion. All of our CMS solutions are customizable, providing robust functionality "out of the box" while also being fully configurable to match a client's unique requirements.

JOOMLA Our Popular, Open Source Solution
Joomla is one of the world's leading open source Content Management Systems, and New Target is the Washington, DC area's preeminent Joomla solutions provider. Joomla offers flexibility and modular scalability at an attractive price point-built on a PHP / MySQL platform, there are no software costs or licensing fees. Joomla is ideal for situations requiring rapid deployment and fast set up.
Joomla supports all standard site content management features including management of menus, menu structures, and multimedia files, and provides a tiered administrative structure to allow control of the authoring and publishing processes. Joomla is used by companies and organizations worldwide to power web sites of all types.

Weblogix a unique destination for creative web designing, e-commerce development, website promotion, animation development, multimedia services. We also offer content management system (CMS), database development, website maintenance, system integration, banners design, shopping cart development, photo manipulation services.

Custom CMS Development

Well developed Content Management Systems are easy to use, functional, and flexible. They should not be overbearing, confusing, or inundated with functions and buttons that may not be used.
If you can use Microsoft Word, then you can use our CMS. The ISO Interactive CMS platform has beginner and advanced options. Most of the functions, such as the style sheets, retrieving images, adding links, or even generating code for flash, are automated. This enables the user to perform day to day tasks visually and without the need for making changes to the code manually.

Many features are designed specifically for Microsoft Word while others provide powerful functions similar to HTML editors like Adobe Dreamweaver . In most cases, the editor can be used to design the entire page visually. If you are an advanced user requiring functionality outside of the tool set, click the code view and tweak HTML as needed.
Often, our clients might request a function that is not in the current CMS platform. Fortunately, we have the ability to build this functionality and integrate it into the system. Each version of our ISO interactive CMS is slightly different. Our Weblogix CMS platform is customized specifically to meet the needs of each individual client. This system allows as much or as little control over any aspects of the web site needed.